Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Selby & Glltn's Project S2DIO.

I've always had a weird obsession with seeing other people's living quarters and work areas. Two sites have fulfilled that voyeuristic need for me for a while now. First is The Selby, who recently visited Tatsuhiko Akashi's of (Medicom Toys) office. Pretty amazing.

The Selby visits Tatsuhiko Akashi of Medicom Toys.

Spotted on highsnobiety.com.

Second, is Guillotine's S2DIO Project. Guillotine is a lifestyle blog out of France and even though I can't read what they're saying, I prefer their coverage to most lifestyle blogs out there. The S2DIO Project section documents some of your favorite artist and designer's work spaces. Pretty fun to geek out on. If you look closely, I'm actually in one of the photos from someone's space.

Guillotine's S2DIO Project.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Twitter me this, Twitter me that.

So on Saturday night, I did something stupid. While having a heated discussion with the best friends I've ever had in my life, I aired out our topic of discussion on Twitter concerning another old friend and his business. If you know me or have spent more than 20 minutes with me, you know that's not how I do things (unless you're a client that hasn't paid up, then I tend to do that).

I am in no way apologizing, just saying it's not my usual way of addressing an issue.

So after running my mouth, I figure I should explain myself a bit: We had a small crew. We did graffiti. Whether we ever made a dent or were ever noticed by anyone doesn't really matter. We were a family and we were having a lot of fun.
CLOWN started the crew, it was his name and no one will argue that. I considered Marek, the now owner of the company I aired out, a good friend. I considered him family. The rest of the crew that was in the Northwest at the time vouched for him. I take that very seriously, I've spent more time with these guys than I have with anyone else in my life. We put him down. In the short time Marek was in the crew we painted together in a lot of cities, we had fun times. Hell, one of my favorite days ever painting was just me and him in Redmond. We rocked it. Good times, Time Is Too Short. We all have that tattooed on us. Marek does, too.

Things happen, people get older and have to take care of things. He disappeared. We considered him out of the crew, he was making music and pursuing a career outside of that but no contact with us. I was proud of
Marek, bummed that we didn't keep in touch, but it was a good career he was entering. I might be wrong here, but I understand that no one in the crew had contact with him during this time.

Years later, I get a phone call from
CLOWN. Marek was producing t-shirts, he stumbled upon it on Myspace of all things. No big deal, that's a good thing. But wait...he was using the crew name. As far as I knew, we hadn't had contact with the guy in a long time. While some of us weren't painting as much as we used to (I'm talking about me), this still ran deep. We've lost 2 crew members to untimely deaths, and I know he had been around for the loss of the first, a good friend of all of us from the Northwest. These tragedies have brought us all even closer together. This is in our skin. We're a family, we're the best group of friends I've ever had. Outside of my blood family, these guys were, and still are, pretty much the most consistent thing in my life for the last 15 years (Jesus, we're getting old).

After many attempts, CLOWN finally got a hold of
Marek. He agreed to do a sub-brand with us to ease things over. I told CLOWN not to do anything without a contract but helped him out with his artwork for the logo. He gave us an ad, started building a website for us. It was slow, but I felt better for the other guys involved, I wasn't touching anything without a contract. Things were looking good, the guys were going to be designing shirts, and CLOWN was going to get his just shine, it was his name after all. Sounded good to me. Then it stopped. CLOWN had been getting worried, and so had the other guys in the crew. He was coming to New York regularly and not getting a hold of me. Now there was nothing happening and no offense to anyone, but I saw it coming.

In his response to my Twitter ramble, he said he 'won't pull dead weight', and 'everyone has been given ample opportunity to be a part'. I'm sorry, how could anyone be a part when they weren't even included in your plans, or given the heads up that you were going to use the name (and concepts but that's a whole other deal I don't want to get into right now), after shedding blood, sweat and tears for over 15 years over these 4 little letters? Also, I love that Katt Williams bit, good choice.

Excuse the ramble, just think my statement could have been taken as jealousy or coming from a place that is misunderstood. That's not the case. Take them as one old friend explaining how he felt another old friend should have approached a situation,
even though I really shouldn't have to explain myself at all. Real Talk.

I'll admit it was done the wrong way but again, I'm not apologizing for my 144 or less of characters.

For the record,
Marek, I'm actually proud of your success. I knew you were meant for big things since I met you, the same way I feel about the rest of the family. Otherwise, you would have never been in the crew in the first place. It just should have been reached with something you and your partners had come up with on your own, not something that means so much to a good group of people that considered you more than a friend, considered you family. Don't ever refer to it as TITS CREW (your employees do at trade shows) or 7175 again, you know I was producing under the 7175 name years ago, before you were even in the picture. You have my email, and I'm not hard to find in person. Good luck in 2010.

Real Talk,
R.I.Paradise. PLUS & PEAR.

P.S. - Here's my section from that Redmond wall in 2001. Good times, right?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New RISK Website.

One of my heroes (I don't say that too often) has launched his new site. Get some knowledge with one of the West Coast's best of all time.

Buy some prints while you're at it, I've seen them in person and they're nice like sugar & spice.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paper Dolls. Tomorrow Night!

Come out to this! So excited for my girl, Kerin Rose of A-Morir is in it and it's her first show.

More info here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010