Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Selby & Glltn's Project S2DIO.

I've always had a weird obsession with seeing other people's living quarters and work areas. Two sites have fulfilled that voyeuristic need for me for a while now. First is The Selby, who recently visited Tatsuhiko Akashi's of (Medicom Toys) office. Pretty amazing.

The Selby visits Tatsuhiko Akashi of Medicom Toys.

Spotted on highsnobiety.com.

Second, is Guillotine's S2DIO Project. Guillotine is a lifestyle blog out of France and even though I can't read what they're saying, I prefer their coverage to most lifestyle blogs out there. The S2DIO Project section documents some of your favorite artist and designer's work spaces. Pretty fun to geek out on. If you look closely, I'm actually in one of the photos from someone's space.

Guillotine's S2DIO Project.


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