Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mike Herron Benefit. Baltimore, MD.

35-year-old Mike Herron, who also goes by the name “Ryke” was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The debilitating effects of this disease have caused significant financial strain for Mike and his four beautiful children. The side effects from prescribed chemotherapy treatments have made it impossible for Mike to work. Without health insurance and having to endure a 1-3 year wait for SSI/Disability assistance, this family is in a bind. Join the community as we show our support and lend a hand to this deserving family.

Saturday, Febraury 6th, 2010 at the Skyloft
7:00 PM
3703 Bank Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Current list of artists contributing to the auction:

Apex – San Francisco, CA
Sight – Toronto, Canada
Sime – Washington, DC
Con – Washington, DC
R. Nick Kuszyk – NYC
Baser – Atlanta, GA
Aest2 – Richmond, VA
Elk – Richmond, VA
Freak – Maryland
Jerk – Baltimore, MD
Cherock – Baltimore, MD
Prism – Pittsburgh, PA
Ridle – Cleavland, OH
Big 5 – Los Angeles, CA
Wink – Los Angeles, CA
Seir – Baltimore, MD
Ker – Baltimore, MD
Gost2 – Hollywood, CA
Rath – NYC
Jaes – NYC
Lions – NYC
Megan Pike – Baltimore, MD
Chip 7
Lyes – Virginia Beach, VA
Cise – Baltimore, MD
Circus – Baltimore, MD
Crowns – Pittsburgh, PA
Dame – Baltimore, MD
Sake – Baltimore, MD
Rate – NYC
Mear – Baltimore, MD
Ammo – Baltimore, MD
Niser – Philadelphia, PA
Shaken – Baltimore, MD
Arek – Baltimore, MD
Rei21 – Washington, DC
Amen – Washington, DC
Soviet – Pittsburgh, PA
Rams – Pittsburgh, PA
The Kodak Kidd – PA
Eon – Washington, DC
Eli – Baltimore, MD
Rob Jenkins – Baltimore, MD
Mes One – New Jersey
Jazi – Baltimore, MD
Xide – New Jersey
Nife – NYC
Stab – Baltimore, MD
Enue – NYC
Pear – Washington, DC
Jome – Los Angeles, CA
Seth – Baltimore, MD
Zask – NYC
Rezist – Washington, DC
Sky – Baltimore, MD
John Klingenburg – MD
Mews – NYC
Ast – NYC
Myth – Seattle

Prints By:
Martha Cooper – NYC
Mike Giant- San Francisco, CA
Taki 183 – NYC

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